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Glare off water made IDs challenging

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Seen Friday Aug 20 at Robert Long Park in SE Michigan. I think this is an Eastern Wood Pewee and a juvenile song sparrow but would appreciate any opinions.


Also, the third is from SE BC, Canada of a juvenile red-napped sapsucker but was wondering if there is a way to tell this bird apart from a juvenile yellow-bellied sapsucker.

Thanks in advance.

DSCN6562 flycatcher.jpeg

DSCN6571 song sp j?.jpeg

DSCN6518 RN sapsucker j.JPG

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First bird strikes me as an Eastern Phoebe. They have a habit of maintaining that posture while hawking for insects. I don't see any wingbars like Eastern Wood-Pewee, but the lighting is poor. 


I agree with female/juv male Red-winged Blackbird for the second.

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Regarding the Sapsucker, I only have limited experience differentiating the two species here in Texas, but I know the columns of white on the back are more narrow for Red-naped Sapsucker than Yellow-bellied. I think Red-naped also has less white in the tail too.

I'd say it's safe to say your sapsucker is probably a Red-naped, but hybrids to occur in the contact zone not far from your location.

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26 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

I'm guessing the first is an Eastern Phoebe because of the head shape, long tail, and habitat.

I'm leaning to agreement but does the bill look a little long and heavy for a Phoebe?

The tail looks so long is there a chance it is moulting?

Just wondering.

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