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I think it's a hawk..?..

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I was walking with my camera, 2 blocks from my home in West Hollywood (a residential neighborhood at the base of the Hollywood Hills),  mid-morning, I heard a crunching sound!...15 ft to my right, on the lowest branch of the tree, even with my head (~6ft), was this hawk(?), eating something grey - I think a pigeon?...it looked me straight in the eye, and kept eating...sensing no danger, I pointed my camera and started firing way!...I took several hundred photos - walking around the tree several times, while saying, in my best Obi-Wan Kenobi voice, "u don't want me - I am not a threat"...after about 15 minutes, the bird and I had tired of r encounter - it flew away, and I walked home (about 2 blocks)...is it a Hawk...?...




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Unless it's nesting season, you have nothing to fear from it or most other North American birds.  You're too big to eat.  You obviously know better than to approach it, so you won't be perceived as a threat.  The only reason it would approach you is to force you away from nestlings.

Magnificent photos!

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