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Willow/Alder Flycatcher? (From MA)

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Is this a Willow/Alder flycatcher? With my naked eyes, I initially thought it was a least flycatcher. However, the larger bill and faint eyering makes me think its not. 

The bird behaved like a young bird. It stayed at heights below my waist level to slightly above my head. It kept moving forward slightly away from me but stayed by the side of the road (vs moving further into the thickets).

Per ebird, Willow flycatcher is rare now. In fact, even Willow/Alder Flycatcher for some reason is flagged (Alder flycatcher is not flagged as rare). Any thoughts?


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It looks like a Trail's to me. Eyering is indistinct and primary projection is moderate. Tough thing is it is a juvenile. The gape flange is still yellow and fleshy and the proportions are a little stunted.

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