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37 minutes ago, Dan P said:

#3 is why I asked if the species were limited to North America.  I ended up throwing a hail mary on that one.  It must be a hybrid.

I went with....What did I go with? I'll have to check, I ought to remember though, I just sent my guesses in this morning.... 

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Folks I realize the scoreboard is late and I apologize. I've had one heck of a week. Thursday I helped with the Fort Hood CBC and Friday I drove back to Nac and grabbed another Northern Shrike for the state. Saturday I was out all day Christmas shopping with the lady and didn't have even a minute to sit down at the computer. And today I helped out with the Nacogdoches CBC (got a Western Tanager! Woop!).

Unfortunately tonight I have catch-up to do for my thesis because I've spent so much time doing other things so I don't think I can get to it tonight or tomorrow because I'm out of town again. Tuesday or Wednesday for sure! 

My apologies, once again. Thank you for your patience!

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You know what, I'll post the answer now so y'all will have some closure and then post the scoreboard another day!


1. Carolina Chickadee

2. Black-capped Chickadee

3. Sichuan Tit! I threw this one in just to see what kind of answers I'd get! 😜 Not my photo.

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