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Okay, hopefully this all works...

1 Adult Female Red-winged Blackbird. Note the heavy streaking and the thin bill, helping differentiate it from sparrows, also the similar Tricolored Blackbird can be eliminated by how lightly colored this bird is, it is not near as dark as a Tricolored would be -also range completely rules it out. This photo was taken in Palo Pinto County(North central Texas) December 2021. 

2 Adult Black-crested x Tufted Titmouse(hybrid) , this bird may seem pretty confusing to some, but this is a typical hybrid, it shows some traits that both Tufted and Black-crested have, the orange flanks, mostly gray body, and the crest, but this bird has two major differing points: A dark gray crest, and a rusty, or sometimes chestnut forehead. This photo was taken in Palo Pinto County(North central Texas) Mar. 26.

3 Juvenile Painted Bunting. This bird is much greener than the similar Indigo and Lazuli Buntings also it does not have the two white wing bars. Note the messed up, and patchy feathers, as well as the distinct gape this bird has, all indicating it was a juvenile. 


Those who guessed the the correct species will get 3 points, 2 points if you got in the right genus, and 1 point if you got the family. Also 1 additional point for sex, age, and subspecies, when it can be determined.

 Here is the scoreboard, please let me know if I made any mistakes. 



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