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16 hours ago, Kevin said:

Um, let me see.? Hmm, @Charlie Spencer?

Two full-time institutions, two more schools part-time at night, and appx. 18 years after I finished high school, I wrapped up a BS in Business Management.  (There was a detour for a 2-year degree in what we used to call 'Data Processing'; that's the knowledge and skills I use every day.)  What can I say?  I enjoy learning but I don't study well.

So I would rather do my own root canal with needle-nose pliers and a Dremel tool than pursue an advanced degree.

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Thanks Kevin for holding down the fort!!

It's good to be back! I'm going to Big Bend and the Guadalupes until the 17th so expect the answer after that! That serves as your location hint for the third bird. ?

I hope you like flycatchers! 




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