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Liam's Weekly Quiz!


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Thanks to those of you who participated!

This week's answers are:

1) Greater Pewee - from Cochise County, AZ in May 2017

2) Greater Pewee - from Harris County, TX in October 2021

3) Western Wood-Pewee from Union County, OR in July 2016

Greater Pewee can be very similar to Wood-Pewees, but have a more peaked or crested crown seen in photos 1 and 2. They also have less contrasting wingbars. In photo 2 we see that the crown is not peaked or crested, so we can assume it is a Wood-Pewee. Eastern and Western are not really distinguishable by plumage, to my knowledge, so based on my hint for location, Western is a good guess.

Pewees can be differentiated from Empidonax spp. by their darker plumage (kinda smoky gray), very long primaries, and smudges on the undertail coverts (to a lesser extent on Greater).

Here's the scoreboard! 


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On 5/22/2022 at 6:34 PM, PaulK said:

I've never done so poorly on a quiz in my life! Might as well have been asking about fish species. ?


On 5/22/2022 at 9:13 PM, Seanbirds said:

Or snakes :classic_smile:

I found who to blame!

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