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Liam's Weekly Quiz!


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On 9/16/2021 at 2:39 PM, Liam said:

Here's this week's quiz bird! Please DM me using the same message thread as the last quiz bird.



Who's excited for the results tomorrow and a new quiz bird!?


Last call for submissions if you haven't already submitted an answer yet!

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Thank you for your submissions!!

The correct answer for this week's quiz is Savannah Sparrow (Belding's)!! 

This photo was taken at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, Orange County, CA on July 26th

This week's quiz was challenging because of the subspecies is a range-restricted one, only occurring in southern California and Baja California/Sur. Another tricky aspect of the subspecies is that there is a rather similar subspecies, the Thick-billed subspecies, that also occurs in the region. However, despite the large bill (Belding's have variable bill size, small to large), the coloration is more vivid with rufous tones and pronounced yellow on the lores.


Those who guessed Savannah Sparrow get 3 points, those who guessed any species in the genus Passerculus get 3 points (because Savannah Sparrow is monotypic - the sole member of the genus), and anyone who guessed any species in the family Passerellidae gets 1 point. Anyone who guessed Belding's subspecies gets an additional point. Sex cannot be determined and I cannot definitively infer age either.

Here's the 9/24/21 scoreboard.


1. BirdingBoy, ConnorCochrane, IKLland, TheBirdNuts - 10 points

2. AidanB, Kevin - 9 points

3. BirdNrd - 8 points

4. Kerri - 7 points

5. Lonestranger, Quiscalusquiscula - 6 points

6. Avery, meghann - 5 points 

7. MichaelLong, PalmWarbler - 4 points

8. Kansasbirdguy, SeanBirds, stitch58 - 3 points

9. BlueJay, Clip - 0 points


Let me know if I missed you on the scoreboard or if I made any other errors.

Thanks again for your submissions! This week's quiz will be posted shortly.

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4 minutes ago, Liam said:

The photo was taken at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, Orange County, CA on July 26th. Not sure why I can't edit the post anymore.


1 minute ago, neilpa said:

Edit abilities expire after 5 minutes

Yeah... I can edit for you if you tell me just what you want.

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