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Hi, I was going through some old photos while stuck in a waiting room and have tried some IDs. Please let me know what you think. 

Guanay Cormorants?




Picui Ground Dove? This via Merlin and it looks ok, but also a bit out of range so I'm not sure.



Kelp Gulls362844475_2007_0715Mejilljillones00072.thumb.JPG.10d5910c6b206b832f227680e1dde4c5.JPG


Peruvian Booby864805272_2008_0529laserena01802.thumb.JPG.eeff099e489c8036573f997c342ef01d.JPG


Andean Goose1311189883_2007_0702Parquelauca02702.JPG.5096c4d1d1c86cd4cabb95a03855ff32.JPG


Giant Coot1111636650_2007_0702Parquelauca01822.thumb.JPG.5aa517f1c97731399f738274a721c292.JPG

Merlin won't give anything for the bird in behind but Red Knot so I have no idea on that one.





Grey Gull2091988691_2007_0220Antofagasta200392.JPG.640f1ee92062a3b3e0ce548ec3797e69.JPG



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