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East Africa Waders

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These birds were photographed at Mogadishu International Airport in September. Any help gratefully received.


1. Possibly Grey Plover (non-breeding)  



2. Unsure. 


3. Possibly same as 2.


4. 2 more unidentified waders.


5.  Might be a Common Sandpiper.


6. Another Sandpiper.


7. No idea on this one.



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1-3 all look like Black-bellied (Gray) Plover. 
4. Little Stint or Sanderling. I don’t see braces on the back so I’m leaning Sanderling. 
5. Common Sandpiper

6. Plover. I’ll have to look closer when I get on the computer, but maybe Sand-plover?

7. A female weaver. I’ll have to look at what’s in the area later. 

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