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Sandpiper - Least?

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I saw this bird this morning at Lido Beach NY. It was foraging in the mud at the edge of a pond that was formed by recent heavy rain. I think that's consistent habitat for a LESA but I always expect the legs to be more yellow. Other species of sandpiper have been reported here, adding to my confusion.


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31 minutes ago, Birding Boy said:

Educate a poor inland boi who all to rarely sees shorbs; Why isn’t this a Baird’s? It seems long winged and thin billed. 

It isn't as long-winged as a Baird's or say a White-rumped, and the back pattern is different on a Baird's (I think it's referred to as being "scalloped")

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8 minutes ago, flightman said:

A Baird's was seen here in the past view days, as has a Western. Here's another view that shows shows that the wings don't extend much beyond the tail. I hope this narrows the field.

Note: There were 3 birds close together. It's possible that this view is not the same bird as the first.  There was a bit of territorial dispute. Also, a group of 11 birders from an Audubon chapter was assembling in the parking lot as I left the beach. One of them since reported on eBird that they saw 13 SESAs  but no other sandpipers.




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