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Gull behavior question

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Vancouver Lake, WA.  I was watching a gull who had something that it picked up about the size of a walnut - several dozen times it would fly up from just a few feet to as much as 30 and then drop it onto the sandbar or into the shallow water next to it and then dive after it and start the performance over again. Trying the crack-a-shell-on-the-rocks trick that of course failed on the soft mud? Or just playing a game?

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On 9/12/2021 at 8:57 PM, neilpa said:

This would be my guess. Maybe there was a nearby rock that they kept missing

That was my best guess too but he must have been practicing for a PRS match - this lake is all mudflats and I think the largest rock I have ever seen was about 3" :classic_cool:

At least my kids made good use of the mud 😁


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