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I had this idea a while back so when we went to the coast last week I faced my worst fear in life and went ... window shopping antique/decor shops in a tourist town😩  Had to take along my mother-in-law for moral support 😄  Four stores later I finally found a sandpiper I was happy with. Finding the perfect piece of driftwood was an easy matter - only involving a 5 mile walk along the beach with my Love and my binos. Did the woodburning and mounting once we got home and surprised her with it. The phrase is a reference to a story that I read in an old book my parents have. My wife is a childhood leukemia survivor and loves the beach hence the nostalgia.  (found a copy of it posted here online if you want to read it https://mygoodtimestories.com/2018/01/08/a-sandpiper-to-bring-you-joy/ )  


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34 minutes ago, GracesWarbler said:

Those are fantastic! Is the calendar just for friends and family, or are you going to make it more widely available?


33 minutes ago, MichaelLong said:

You should definitely sell that, I know I would buy it.

Thank you!!  If all goes to plan I will have them for sale in my online shop.

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