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South Texas Shorebirds

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Went out to South Padre Island for the day about a month back. Unfortunately I was too busy to go through my pictures until now, and the shorebirds have always been really challenging for me, so I hope someone can help with confirmations/questions. Thank you in advance!

1) Sanderling?

2) Not sure. Included two pictures of this one. Chest has spots and the bill looks kind of down-turned in the first picture I got. Dunlin? Definitely need help with this one (sorry the photo quality is so poor).

3) Short-Billed Dowitcher?

4) Could this be a Sandwich Tern with the yellow tip on the bill? Would be a lifer so I'm crossing my fingers!

5) Piping Plover?

6) Semipalmated Plover? Sorry for bad picture quality!

Thanks for any help!







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If it helps for the second bird, here is the zoomed out version of one of the pictures. I kind of felt like it might be too big to be a Western Sandpiper but unfortunately there were not any other birds really close to make a size comparison. Don't know if this would be useful but I'll upload it just in case!


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3 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

I think the 'spots' are more like disjointed streaking left over from breeding plumage.

Ah, now I see the spots in breeding plumage for Western. I even looked for them before posting. Don't know how I missed 'em

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Oop, coming back to this thread a bit late, but regarding the Dowitcher, Short-Billed Dowitcher is significantly more common for the location, which probably influenced my identification here. I have never been good at discerning the difference between the two, so if anyone has another thought on it, I'd like to hear it!

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It’s a worn adult after the breeding season and the pic is dark. SBDO is more likely, but LBDO cannot not exclusively be ruled out...unless one heard it called. I would use dowitcher sp., or if I were entering this in eBird, SBDO/LBDO.

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