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Magnolia or Canada Warbler?

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Sorry in advance for the terrible photos, but this little warbler is really bugging me.


I was kayaking today in central Florida through a creek, and I saw this Warbler in a mixed flock of a hooded warbler, 2 redstarts, a parula, a black-and-white, and a worm-eating warbler.


Canada Warblers are very rare in Florida, so this would be unprecedented, but I really thought I saw a black "necklace" on this warbler, as well as a clean yellow belly with dark gray wings and back. Unfortunately, all my photos turned out awful, but in the first photo you can see a hint of its necklace. 

I'm assuming its probably just a magnolia, as they are expected now, but that "necklace" is bugging me!


If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated, as a Canada Warble would be a life bird for me. 



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Thanks for your help guys. I am pretty confident that is a Canada Warbler based on what I saw in the field as well, its just I don't trust myself given how rare this warbler is haha.

If it doesn't pour rain, I am going to go out this evening in hopes of trying to relocate it >_>;

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