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Cormorant ID — south Texas

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Hi All,

I was down in south Texas (Hidalgo county) in February of this year and took quite a few cormorant portraits. Now I'm editing my way through those photographs and I'm having some difficulty distinguishing Neotropic and Double-crested, at least on a few individuals. My gut feeling is that the first is Double-crested, while the second seems more petite and strikes me as more like Neotropic (although it has less white on the gape than shown in my bird books). I'm not used to distinguishing these species, and would appreciate some ID help on these two. Thanks much in advance!


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2 hours ago, meghann said:

First is definitely a Double-crested. I'm going to pass on the second bird.


1 hour ago, Liam said:

Second bird is a Neotropic. Note the darker lores and smaller head. They just look cuter overall too.

Agree. Nice photos!!

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51 minutes ago, HamRHead said:

I like your name! A Bible reference I presume? Do you happen to live by the sea?

It is indeed a reference to the Bible character. My given name is Tanner, so I've always had a bit of an affinity for Simon the tanner. I'm about 2 hrs from the Oregon coast, so it might be a bit of a stretch to say I live by the sea but it is pretty accessible and one of my favorite places to visit!

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