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Young white-crowned sparrow question

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Hi, saw this young fellow today in Vancouver in a large mixed zonotrichia gang (golden- and white-crowned, and an exciting-for-me white-throated). Looks a bit odd to me with that hint of yellow in the crown, which has me wondering if this is a normal thing or if this could be some sort of hybrid. Thoughts please?



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11 minutes ago, Colton V said:

It’s also got an awfully dark malar stripe...

That was what first made me wonder what was going on with this bird! It just happened to be the one I pointed my camera at and when I looked at the first picture I thought "huh, what's going on here?"

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27 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

I can say that the yellow is normal for young White-crowneds.

I'm wondering if there might be a variation between the subspecies on this one and I'm not used to seeing it with my local pugetensis birds. This fellow may be flying through.

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