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Bachman's Warbler?

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Sorry, I hope no one spewed coffee all over their keyboard. But this one has me stumped. I don't know if it's even a warbler

Today, Richmond County, GA. I thought possibly Hooded or maybe Wilson's, but it doesn't look quite right for either. All the photos were cropped and lightened to some degree. Thanks.

Warbler sp 1 9-21-21.JPG

Warbler sp 2 9-21-21.JPG

Warbler sp 3 9-21-21.JPG

Warbler sp 4 9-21-21.JPG

Warbler sp 5 9-21-21.JPG

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Hooded Warbler. 

Bachman’s Warbler is almost certainly extinct, largely due to destruction of wintering grounds in the Caribbean/West Indies. 

The undertail pattern, leg color, bill shape etc all seem consistent with Hooded to me


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