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Am I dreaming?

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Hi all, 

a few days ago I stumbled upon these cormorants. I know the one on the left is a double crested. The bird on the right, appears to have a slight white “ V” under the chin. This points to nootropic. However, the one neotropic that I have seen had a more extensive white v. But, that bird was an adult. I’m pretty sure this is an immature, due to the more brownish coloring. So, is this a weird neotropic, or a weird double crested?

Again, the bird on the right is in question. 
thanks for any thoughts.

A few days ago, at the beach, coastal Orange County, Ca. 

Zoomed in to the head: 8292B8AD-8DB9-40F0-B086-D131A035F73A.thumb.jpeg.3e085524ed772c1a8c8b31c7cbd0dccb.jpeg

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1 hour ago, Jerry Friedman said:

Double-crested can have a slight V, not as acute as Neotropic.  The orange lores are good for Double-crested.  Also, in a comparison shot like this, I think it would be clear that Neotropic is smaller.

They’re proportionally different as well.

@IKLland a lot (but not all) of the brownish color is caused by the very warm lighting in this photo.

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