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Olive Green Sparrow Sized Passerine

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I saw a small flock of four or five house sparrow sized olive green birds a few days ago. It was unusual, as we usually don't see these type of small passerines. I'm pretty sure they were some kind of Vireo, but none of the species I have found have the distinctive yellow, black and white tail bars. I wish I had my camera.. I would have taken pictures


I'm located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada if that helps any 🙂 

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Thanks for the pictures! It certainly looked like an American Goldfinch in non breeding colors, but I'm not 100% sure. 

My neighbours next door have a large garden, with Ivy growing on the fence. The flock was flittering around the branches of the ivy and in the grass, looking for food. 


Hopefully that'll help somewhat 🙂 . Thank you so much for your help! 

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9 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:


I don't think vireos form small flocks.  How about American Goldfinch in non-breeding colors, or maybe Evening Grosbeaks?



If not, can you provide more details on the environment and what they were doing?  Thanks!

Agree with Goldfinch. Welcome to Whatbird!

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