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Raptor In Massachusetts

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14 hours ago, The Bird Nuts said:

@cobal  Do you mind if I edit your photo?  I am pretty sure your bird is a Red-tailed Hawk.



10 hours ago, insanityslave said:

i agree that that's not an eagle (and we have bald eagles all over here in central nc). if i saw that here id call it a red-tailed.

Yep. Bill is too small for Bald Eagle and I’m not getting a Golden feel from this bird at all.

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Man, I wish my school computer let me look at the photos.


Looking at them on my phone, I'm heavily leaning Red-tailed. Part of me thinks it could be a Harlan's, just based on how dark it looks, but this is obviously a potential trick of the light/camera. Leaving it as a Red-tail seems to be the best call from my POV.

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