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Mississippi Kite not coming up on eBird

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04 Oct 2021 Baldwin co. AL

I ID'd this as immature Mississippi Kite, but eBird is not giving me that option.  I realize they should be gone by now, so would like some confirmation/correction.  One was seen in Pensacola, FL (adjacent county to mine) on Oct. 1.






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20 minutes ago, meghann said:

Usually there is an option to click on that says "Show rarities" or something along those lines. Click that, because this is definitely a late MS Kite.


18 minutes ago, Peromyscus said:

You should be able to click on "Add Species" in the top right of a new checklist (on desktop at any rate), then type in Mississippi Kite.

I knew of that option, but wanted to be sure of my ID before I added it.  Confidence problems.  😱

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4 hours ago, Kevin said:

This is Texas, it is so hot you just set it out in the sun and come back in a few minutes.

Temps still near the 90s here in E. TX. What is fall??? 😞

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5 hours ago, Clip said:

So does that mean they knead?

No the rats do it for them, you see they have worked it out that if they only eat the mice and not eat them, they will kneed it for them.

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