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Bay-breasted warbler? 

Was outside on the phone and saw an unknown bird... I had to go back in to get my camera and binoculars so I'm not even sure that what I got then was the same bird.  In fact, the one I saw first seemed a lot plainer/grayer but, what I see with my eyes and the binoculars and camera can be three different things sometimes so who knows.

I came inside after a while and used Merlin which suggested bay-breasted. I compared it and, it looks good to me.
This will be a first for Arkansas bird for me... good yard bird.
They do pass through these parts but go unnoticed, I assume, most of the time. Those fall warblers...  ha. 
IF this is a bay-breasted, I'll be happy because, I've been really depressed and anxious, dealing with a lot, and just not getting out much. I've missed most of fall migration. People reporting some good things that I just haven't looked for.
If it wasn't for my kids' schedule visiting their mother, I was tempted to try and chase the golden-crowned warbler in LA...  would have been some other good lifers down there too. HA.

Anyway... I have a few other pictures from different angles but, this one came out the clearest.


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