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Song or Lincoln's Sparrow?

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Just now, Charlie Spencer said:

The streaking is much finer on a Linc.  The malar stripe is narrower, not much more than another streak.

I was wavering on this one. I think I'm too cautious, I automatically assume any finely streaked sparrow is juvenile Song. I wouldn't have counted a Lincoln's I got recently if I hadn't heard it sing.

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Another thing with Lincoln's, is their streaks have a buffy background, not white. If you see the bird from the front, you can see a difference in the white belly and the buffy area where the streaks are. In a song, the background to the streaks is white.

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1 hour ago, rayh said:

So hard to tell the fine streak marks.  My bird photo looks to me to be broad lines.

Your bird's streaks look to me like they were done with a fine-tipped marker.  To me, Song's look like they were streaked with an overly-moistened paint brush.

Courtesy of AAB:


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