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What kind of bird is this and why does it keep sitting on my porch?

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Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is? I think it is a hawk, but I'm not really sure?? It keeps flying into my door multiple times but then flies away and keeps coming back. It has done this several times today. Not sure if the bird has a nest nearby but I have a daughter and two small dogs to watch for, so I want to make sure they are ok to go outside. Can anyone tell me why the bird keeps coming back? Thanks. cooper-s-hawk-profile-583855629-d89e191a

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Welcome to Whatbird! It is indeed a young Cooper's Hawk. They specialize in eating other birds, so doggies and children are a-ok. If it is a glass door, then seeing its reflection as a rival bird is a possibility. If you have bird feeders up, it could also be hanging around looking for a meal.

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