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House? Purple? Wish I had better images! Sacramento.

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I was late and just quickly snapped these as getting in car.  Now looking at them they seem such a deep red color that I am wondering if it is a Purple Finch.   How do you tell the difference?  Thank you!

Two life birds for me today!  Fox Sparrow and Red-Bellied Sapsucker (I had this one, but finally got a good enough one to call it, I like to have a good image before I claim it, I know its odd....)




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13 minutes ago, PaulK said:

What a weird looking House Finch! The streaks are particularly odd IMO.

That's what I thought, its breast is not a streaked as I normally see.  We are getting more and more reports of Purple Finches in the area which is why I questioned it, along with the bold dark color and lack of streaking up the breast.

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