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Pine Siskin

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2 hours ago, Cheryl said:

We have a pine siskin that will hop on our hand and eat from our hand. Just wondering if it might be sick or is this typical?

Gosh, that would make my day. There is a trail in a wooded area in the west of Ottawa where, once winter settles in, the chickadees, nuthatches and even an odd woodpecker will take seeds from your hand (and from your head, as I just had to see). This was before I had taken up birding (again), and I didn't pay much attention to the actual species. The woodpecker was small, possibly Downy. 

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Pine Siskins are more susceptible to strains of Salmonella infections which can make them act more docile and/or confused. I had one last winter that would almost let me pet him while he was perched on one of my feeders.  They are also susceptible to infections associated with blindness. There is a chance that your Siskin could have been affected by a bacteria. Sometimes they survive the infection but they have higher mortality rates from these types of infections than other birds. 

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Thanks tclarkwood. Thanks for the information.  Our little friend did die. ?  I keep my feeders clean, but it also depends on others with feeders around to keep theirs clean as well. Going to start making posts on facebook on the importance of keeping our feeders clean.

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