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Message added by Kevin,

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4 hours ago, chipperatl said:


Wow, I didn't even know Dusky Thrushes existed.

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On 5/10/2022 at 1:58 PM, Peromyscus said:

D a n g

I might try to go, if I can persuade a friend to go with me. He can certainly persuade me since I am currently between jobs.

Neither one of us is planning on going right now. The bird is no longer being seen from an easily accessible roadside pool at Chincoteague NWR. Instead, the most recent checklist which has the bird (https://ebird.org/checklist/S110333682), on Saturday, was from an area (the Wash Flats) that you normally have to walk a mile or three to access.

Here are the details that accompany the observers' fine photographs. I love the second paragraph:


Refound, hasn't been seen since 5/12 and never at the Wash Flats which I guess it relocated to. Made one pass then gone

tbh f the tern bruh, only hiked 7 miles to see ponies all these birds just distracting me from my precious pony watching time


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Okay, so probably not ABA rare, but there has been a Clay-colored Sparrow reported near me that keeps being refound and I really really want to chase it, plus it's at a hotspot with some other nice stuff, but it's really hard to convince Sialia sialis to bring me there, so I may not be able to go for another week or more. Hopefully it will stick around, since it has been refound every day since May 21.

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