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Hawk(s) - Tillamook, OR

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First, I feel like after 8 years of birding that I must've missed a lesson if I can't tell a Red-tailed Hawk from...anything else...but yesterday I spotted this bird and heard it, and diagnosed it as a Red-tailed. The light was poor, and when I got home and looked at my photos I saw more red on the shoulders than I usually see with a Red-tailed Hawk, so I thought I should get second opinions. I just moved from WY to OR, and while I've seen Red-shouldered in OK and a couple of times here, including at this location, I'm not confident enough to rule them out. Seeing it in person the V on the back was one of my original reasons to go with the Red-tailed.

10/16/2021 Goodspeed Rd, Tillamook, OR



We continued down the road about a mile, came back, and spotted a Peregrine in the same vicinity of the original hawk. This bird came along and the Peregrine took off. I'm not sure if it is the same bird or not.


Neither are great shots, the light was terrible all day.





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