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Warbler ? from April 2021 - Texas Upper Gulf Coast

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Fall migration passing through south currently but I still have one from spring migration north that remains a puzzle to me. Photographs from 4-1-21 at Quintana, Texas. Some definite markings are evident on underside (black streaks on white belly), black and yellowish spots on breast. Also, white eye-ring on grayish head, and back with evidence of some yellow present on topside. Unfortunately was only able to get photos (poor quality) from underneath as bird sat high in tree. Anyone have ideas or pointers on this? Help would be appreciated. Thank you!

2021.0401sl.r.Warbler.   id.JPG

2021.0401sm.ef.Warbler.   id.jpg

2021.0401sn.r.Warbler.   id.JPG

2021.0401so.e.Warbler.   id.jpg

2021.0401sp.e.Warbler.   id.jpg

2021.0401sq.r.Warbler.   id.JPG

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