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Warbler Summer 2020

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August 1st, 2020, James Kipp Rec Area in MT, along the Missouri River. We'd camped overnight, and I got up at about 5:15 am and was birding around the campground and picnic areas, over to the river banks. I snapped this bird in the brush between the picnic area and the river. It was early enough for not great light, and it was very skittish. I just got one shot. Originally I went with Orange-crowned Warbler. The dark under tail and sort of eye ring you get on adults sometimes, along with the last of a lot of streaking on front. It didn't vocalize, and kept to the dry brushy area. It got unconfirmed, and the eBird reviewer would prefer it go to warbler sp. It may have to do just that, but I thought I'd take it for one last walk around the block to get other opinions. Another eBird reviewer friend was leaning toward Yellow Warbler. I'll also link to the eBird list of what else I saw and heard. Mostly poor shots of everything that morning.


Thank you!



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