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Black Bird ID help needed

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In Phoenix area I am accustom to seeing brown headed cow-birds and great tailed grackles with starlings and red-winged/yellow headed black birds.  

The black birds on the plant below have double rounded tails and eye brown so I was thinking boat tailed grackle but the beak seems small. I have not seen a boat tailed before.  

Seen yesterday by a flock of brown-headed cowbirds

At a water retention area in the bushes 

Other Image would appear to be a grackle with leucism on the wing, correct?



Great tailed grackle with luucism on wing.JPG

Unidentified balck bird.JPG

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The top photo is of a male Great-tailed Grackle with some white feathering in the wing, so showing leucism. The bottom photo is of two male Brown-headed Cowbirds. Boat-tailed Grackle is a gulf & east coat species that has never occurred in Arizona, and looks pretty similar to Great-tailed.

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40 minutes ago, christine q said:

Thank you  These 2 appeared all black while the others had a brown head.   Good to know how different they can look in one flock.  I'll focus more on the shape then color on the next flock outliers. 


It's subtle, but they do have brown heads in your photo.  The colors can look different in different lighting.

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