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This is an upcoming trip for me but one I am so excited for so I have to tell/ask ya'll about it. My current plan (which evolves around my dads work schedule) is to spend a week on the big island (also known as the island Hawaii- its the one with the volcano) and then spend a week in Honolulu. A friend of mine is going to be staying on the big island at the same time as me and has said he knows some good spots, wanted to ask here though either because you guys tend to know whats up. So, Best birding spots on the big island? Also almost more importantly, Best spots in and around Honolulu? because my budy will be staying on big island when I go to the city. I have been using Ebird to watch sightings and check around the hotspots, but sometimes that can only go so far in telling where the birding actually exists. current time frame is planing to fly in on Christmas eve and be there for two weeks. 

Thanks for any thoughts!

Glad to be back on this forum!

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On 10/30/2021 at 6:57 PM, Connor Cochrane said:

The Big Island is going to be your best bet for native honeycreepers, all the ones on Oahu are pretty much extinct. If you can get access, The Pua Alkala tract at Hakalau Forest is going to be the best spot for all the native endemics. 

This got me curious. Looks like you have to go through a tour company since the NWR is otherwise closed


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