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iBird Pro 12.0 – A Huge Update

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On 11/21/2018 at 7:26 AM, Telorast said:

Re. the email announcement & the original post on this forum thread... (I hope I don't sound angry. I'm just confused-- in fact I may still have it wrong. Let me know!)

I suggest that you tell us in the main body of the announcement if an update doesn't apply to Android iBird. Android is mentioned in the email as "A Parting Note" at the end of the page, an afterthought down under "The Future of the Field Guide". I didn't see it until I double checked the msg because Google Play didn't have an update. In the original forum post above, there's nothing at all about Android.

The new illustrations are fabulous! Will Android v. 8 be the same as Apple v.12? It's not clear whether the Android update will have the same illustrations and features announced for Apple. (I'm assuming that the version number system for Apple is different from Android's.)

Just telling you my experience. I love iBird. Oh, and Android rules!  :classic_tongue:

You don't sound angry and thank you for your feedback. So far our Android customers have understood we have not yet brought Sleuth to that platform but its on our plans for 2019.

Gosh I am so glad to hear how much you liked the new illustrations!

And yes the next update of iBird for Android contains all these new illustrations. In fact iOS and Android use the exact same databases.

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35 minutes ago, Guest Update problems said:

I have iBird Pro 11 and have been attempting to upgrade since the announcement. When I open iBird the window announcing the upgrade comes up. If I click on upgrade now it takes me to iTunes and presents the iBird app window but there is no button or any apparent way to get the upgrade. All I can do is open the app which takes me back to the current app.  It's also not listed in my upgrades. Any help would be appreciated. 

You should end up in the app store with the normal product page for iBird Pro version 12 appearing as shown in my attachments. The icon for buying should show a small cloud and a down arrow which means it's ready for you to download. It may also show a Price in which case when you tap it the store will popup a message that says you own it and that it is free. As its downloading you will see the circular progress animation.  Most important is that you are signed into the iTunes app store with the same ID that you used to originally purchase iBird Pro (like john@icloud.con for example). If you don't use the same ID that you bought it with, Apple will will charge you for it. We have no control over this so it you are accidentally charged you will need to contract the App Store support and ask them for a refund. If you continue to have issues please fill out a support ticket at https://help.ibird.com/hc/en-us.  And yes its not very customer friendly that you have to tap a Buy icon when you know you already bought the app, but I didn't design the App store.




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Guest Still Wondering in Mass.
On 11/22/2018 at 10:31 AM, John Lanum said:

Good news. We’ve figured out how to open stand alone Sleuth from Pro if Sleuth is on your device. It will be in the next Pro update. 

John Lanum – I'm still hoping to be able to use Photo Sleuth from within my iBird app. Any update?

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On 11/19/2018 at 7:53 AM, Guest Flytyer2 said:

Totally agree. This is a money grab. So iBird plus is gone this year. What’s next? Will ibird ultimate get replaced next? Enough with the Apple blame game. Just offer a discounted upgrade path for existing customers... 

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