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Northern Cardinal and who?

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31 Oct 2021 Baldwin co. AL;  small seasonal pond in agricultural field.  I commonly see shorebirds, herons, egrets, ducks, buteos, kestrels, Northern Harrier, and snipe here.  There were 2 Killdeer and 5 immature Black-bellied Whistling ducks here when I recorded this (there had been 7 plus the mother a few days prior ? ), but none appeared to be making the call.  It is the quick, fairly regular, monotone call.  Could be a herp.

2021-10-31 1805 - Copyed.wav



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1 minute ago, floraphile said:

I didn't think it was the Killdeer, but wasn't sure about the ducks.  I thought somebody else was hiding out in the surrounding grass.

That's entirely possible. I have limited experience with the whistling ducks. In fact, it probably is something hiding in the grass.

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