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Sharpie vs Kestrel


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No I'm not confused on the id just wondering if they are normally antagonistic to each other? I  watched the sharpie harass the kestrel until they both settled down in separate treetops a couple hundred feet apart. After he must have decided the coast was clear the kestrel took off and started to leave the area - he only made it a little ways when the sharpie took off in hot pursuit, caught up with him a couple hundred yards later, and tried unsuccessfully to swipe him out of the air. Are they normally mutually exclusive in their territory?  I usually see plenty of various raptors all sharing the same space. Or is this more likely a territorial dispute heading into breeding season? 

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3 hours ago, SirVive said:

Maybe - but he's hardly bigger than his prey and one that fights back at that 

Not that this really has anything to do with this thread....

I have seen a Kestrel try to take out a Belted Kingfisher... In all honesty though,  the Kingfisher asked for it. The Kestrel was hovering over a field when the Kingfisher flew right below it. I think it lost a tail feather or to was all though.

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