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Gull Trouble - Virginia Beach

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Last week in Virginia Beach I saw some gulls and it is the first time I believe I've seen a Lesser Black-backed Gull,  which has thrown off my way of ID'ing.   

Pix 1. Laughing Gull toward 1st Winter (my confirm is more for age as I'm not great at Fall plumage)

Pix 2. Great Black-backed Gull - This is more what I'm used to seeing in New Jersey

Pix 3. Lesser Black-backed Gull -  Not used to seeing a Gull with yellow legs that isn't Ring-billed.   Back not super dark,  could it hybridize with Herring (but leg colors are very yellow)

Pix 4. Lesser Black-backed Gull  - Darker back, yellow legs.

Pix 5. Great Black-backed Gull - The beak makes me think this bird is heading toward 2nd winter plumage?   Legs in shadow,  but still seem pink.


Any thoughts on my ID?  Thanks.

Gull - 1.JPG

Gull - 2.JPG

Gull - 3.JPG

Gull - 4.JPG

Gull - 5.JPG

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