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Any of these Cackling?

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1 minute ago, AlexHenry said:

There’s a couple candidates there which I would take a closer look at in the field, but nothing I would call an unambiguous Cackler from these photos, and they could well all be Canadas

I agree. I wouldn’t call any cacklers, but the bird on the far left in the second photo has a really steep forehead….

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Here is the thing about Cacklers you WILL know one when you see one. At least I did. The overall size is so substantially different from Canada Geese plus the bill so small they become obvious mixed with or not mixed with Canada Geese. I'm probably not explaining it very well but you know it when you see one. You just will. You won't post your sighting on Help Me Identify a Bird. You will post directly to Lifers. Yes I know their color....is very much the same as Canada Geese but you will still know one when you see one.

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