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Stages of maturity

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I can't put my finger on what got me thinking about this as a good topic but I think it would be cool to see people post pictures of the same bird species in different stages of maturity. You don't have to have all the stages to post but you must have more than one. It doesn't have to be the same exact bird just the same bird species. But if you have some of the same exact bird that would be cool to see. Should anyone out there be able to do this with Gulls know that I would consider you a superhero.

Fledgling and adult Horned Lark

040 (2).JPG


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American Robin-the first photo is from our backyard in Colorado along time ago. We believed at the time that the youngster fell out of the nest prematurely but the parents came around often to feed it. The 2nd photo immature and the 3rd adult male and female. The last photo is just showing off because it was a cool bird. Adult leucistic American Robin. It is hard to tell gender.


010 (3).JPG


016 (2).JPG

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