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I need help with this sparrow

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Kinda gives me vibes of an immature male/female Lark Bunting with the huge white wing stripe, thick bill and head pattern plus the sage habitat but it's not a perfect fit still. I know you can't remember the location but can we eliminate a few options - can you confirm this was taken in the US?(have you birded outside of the states before?).  

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11 minutes ago, Galen Frantz said:

OK, so I looked back through my day book, and this photo came from the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area on 30 AUG 2021.  I found the original series of photos and have cropped this one and one other.  Hope this helps.

unk sparrow DSC_6874 (2).JPG

unk sparrow DSC_6875 a.jpg

That totally confirms Vesper Sparrow. There is absolutely no doubt about it. 

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