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This Meadowlark was seen in Central California. I was looking for your input on this bird as there is only one record of EAME the State. EAWE? Hybrid? Unfortunately, the bird was a quick fly-by with no vocalizations heard._54A0102.thumb.jpg.d78ab0a093c28360b835f7b957949802.jpg_54A0101.thumb.jpg.b05e56b2d41aecb569012762ccb1275d.jpg_54A0100.thumb.jpg.fc80a4802265b2b9cbb5b178f3e1c89b.jpg_54A0099.thumb.jpg.5bcae5b4f9f0b581e716111f15581868.jpg_54A0098.thumb.jpg.84834e7cbe2836f0a560a30f79125f3f.jpg_54A0097.thumb.jpg.250d981647c129f65e9c7c265e79a764.jpg_54A0096.thumb.jpg.384330d91aef43e77a1d8e6fb659db88.jpg

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59 minutes ago, Seanbirds said:

What are you seeing on this bird that makes you consider Eastern even being a possibility? This looks like a pretty typical nonbreeding Western to me.

Looking at the rectrices they appear to contain much more white than I normally see here with WEME. Also, the streaking on the sides of the bird is much heavier and bolder. The malar is fairly clean, but I know the yellow could be obscured in basic plumage. 

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FWIW, if you think you have a second CA state record of EAME, it would be a really good idea to try and get audio as well. Meadowlarks are variable enough that EAME is unlikely to get accepted in CA without accompanying  audio. The lone record for the state has recordings which support the ID.

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