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  • This pic reminds me of "The Prisoner", that 1960's surrealistic spy thriller TV series that starred Patrick McGoohan and was largely written and produced by him.  You might need to be a member of the Cold War "duck and cover and kiss your ass goodbye"  generation to remember the show or the schoolroom drills for atomic attack.


Social Distancing


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While I was taking photos of hummingbirds the head mosquitoes were planing a raid on me.

"When he tries to take a photo of a hummingbird the 47th fly distraction squad will move in. As soon as they get to work the mosquitoes of the 94th will strike his left and right legs, meanwhile the 23rd will attack both arms and his neck. Any questions?"


I have watched to many classic wold war two movies.:classic_laugh:  

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Alice Blue Gown-

Lucky the girl who has a best-selling song named after her! In this case, the girl was one of the most talked about people of her era, who remained the talk of this town for over seven decades.

“Alice Blue Gown” was written for President Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter, a beautiful young girl who was the American equivalent of a princess and whose style signature was her azure blue gowns. The pretty lyrics suggest a demure young woman, but young Alice was quite the opposite, in fact, a perfect terror. The press followed her around to record her much-publicized escapades. She smoked in public (a no-no at that time), jumped fully-clothed into a swimming pool, wore a boa constrictor around her neck and shot at telegraph poles from a moving train. Word of her adventures got back to her father, the President, who said, “I can run the country, or I can control my daughter. I cannot do both.”

Alice Blue Gown


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