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1 hour ago, Dan P said:

Singing Lessons...

Aug. 6, 2020


Girls, I am counting on your cooperation.  In the present state of this ensemble I count one tenor, two sopranos, and three altos.  If we are to achieve four part harmony I need you to hike up your skirts and recruit some hairy chested baritones and basses.    

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W. S. Gilbert's lyrics in "Trial by Jury" indicate caution is required when making an observation as the sun sinks below the horizon!  

So I fell in love with a rich attorney’s
Elderly, ugly daughter.
The rich attorney, he jumped with joy,
And replied to my fond professions:
“You shall reap the reward of your pluck, my boy,
“At the Bailey and Middlesex Sessions.
“You’ll soon get used to her looks,” said he,
“And a very nice girl you’ll find her!
“She may very well pass for forty-three
In the dusk, with a light behind her!”


Eastern Phoebe

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