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7 hours ago, SirVive said:

@Charlie Spencer I have found your elusive Calliope! Think it will pass the reviewer since although the picture is poor I think the id is unmistakable.?  Let me know when you want to come see it - I doubt he'll be migrating this winter.


As with many sightings posted here, you again forgot to include date and location.  You probably forgot to list it on eBird too; just go ahead and ignore other birders that might want to see it.  :classic_angry:

Seriously, this is obviously some airport's 'Concourse A'.  Any chance it's Charlotte?

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17 minutes ago, TexasCobra said:

Christmas Mantel


To quote Lyle Lovett, "That's right you're not from Texas, Texas loves you any way!"   ?

You have to be a Texan in order to mount an oil painting of a prickly pear cactus on your mantel.  ::)

I can't claim credit for the painting.  My wife, the hoosier,  bought it and installed it.  I asked her why she chose such a stereotypical native subject.  She answered that it reminded her of me, the bristly and untamed.  I am not certain that she meant her remark as a compliment! ?   

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