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A few years ago now I got to see both a pissed off blackbird chasing some cranes around (they were in considerable fear, squonking furiously), and then a few minutes later watch a swallow flutter down and pluck a feather out of a duck's back.


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I was in an outdoor bar having a drink after a hot day of birding in South Africa and I looked up and saw a Barn Owl watching us.  I told the bartender in surprise that there was a Barn Owl watching us from up above1686824472_OwlBarn(barRoyalM_Af.thumb.jpg.65a3904495b1a2244fff656c71fbd951.jpg.  He smiled, matter of fact like' No sir, that is our Bar Owl.  It comes here and waits every night for closing when there will be mice running around looking for crumbs.  Bar Owl!!!!!!!!!!

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