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7 minutes ago, BirdNrd said:

No but this is actually a Western Gray Squirrel.

Ah ok, I don’t know my squirrel species too well. Just imagine your recording, but with increased volume and rapidity, lol. Quite annoying when you’re attempting to record birds. 

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So I'm birding by hiking the road around a large quad of mixed habitat (agricultural fields, ponds, hardwoods) located in an area surrounded by neighborhoods & horse farms.   I'm dressed in my usual birding/hiking gear:  drab convertible pants, T-shirt, old hiking boots, beat-up hat.  I don't have my bins or camera because I want to just do a quick walk around.  And this kind lady car pulls up to me in her car and asks in a sympathetic voice, "Do you need a ride?"  LOL.  


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It is important to love thy self. Just please don't damage the car. This was our 3rd encounter with this cardinal. The first two were kind of late spring so we figured maybe it didn't have a mate yet. But, here we are at summer and it is still attacking itself in the mirror/reflection in the window of cars that park any where near it's territory. 



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