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2 hours ago, Seanbirds said:

I was playing with some of my audio recordings today so I experimented with slowing them way down (thus making the sounds much longer and lower). My Lark Sparrow recording sounded like apes howling in the jungle! ?

It really does! My Radiohead-fan wife is loving the slow version, as am I.

Lark S Parrow, or Lark Sparrow (Seanbirds's Version)

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47 minutes ago, TexasCobra said:

The mockingbird is the state bird of Texas.  ?

Your ebird profile link brings me to my ebird list for Texas. Go to your profile, the one that looks like this: 

Click where I’ve circled in red1E112683-1155-4D44-9B2E-6A9E062A0A31.thumb.jpeg.a88f755d79b1caea8b0d68319a5855a4.jpeg

then when you get to a page that looks like this, copy and paste it. That’s the link to your profile. 


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57 minutes ago, TexasCobra said:

I do not understand your message or the change you require.  You may need the assistance of an administrator.  I have done nothing to affect your functional services.

I’m  sorry, I don’t understand.  Was simply telling you that the link you have 7n your signature didn’t work. It’s the one to your ebird profile. You don’t have to change/fix it, I was just kindly letting you know. 

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