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My favorite comedians such as John Cleese and Jack Benny never laugh at their own jokes.  Red Skelton would be the exception to my rule.

Thank you for the film clip, Kevin.  That movie is approximately my age and I and my wife have enjoyed it for many years.  We met in the theater when performing "The Gondoliers" by Gilbert and Sullivan.  

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2 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

 O'Conner had to take three days off to recover from the bruises and muscle soreness.

Yes, also it had to be filmed twice, the cameraman did something wrong the first time.

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5 hours ago, PaulK said:

This person is from the UK so I'm not laughing at them, but it is unintentionally really funny


What would they have said if it turns out that the 'parents' were half its size?

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....and don't come back again....

I was quite surprised by the instant reaction of all of the Mallard group today when an Egret landed next to them (maybe woke them up). I'm probably not taking birding seriously enough.

Great Egret Mallard reaction HVT-7233788.jpg

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