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My wife and I own four and one half Bouvier des Flandres dogs.  Striga is co-owned with our oldest son.  Striga earned her AKC Champion status before she was 18 months old.  The breed name translates from the French as "Ox-driver of Belgium".   Y'all would think such a critter would take little notice of an animal that weighs less than several hundred pounds.  However, the bouvier is dedicated to protection of home, family, property, and livestock.  One is reputed to have bitten, on first introduction, the hand of Adolf Hitler.  Millions of lives might have been saved if the dog had gone for the throat! 

Rudi "der Fliegende Hollander" (at seven months and 67 lbs) appears with his foster mother "Whatever Lola Wants" (83 pounds of lean muscle at 4 years of age and an AKC Champion) in order to dispatch a particularly sassy and obnoxious squirrel.  Rudi was the first pup we purchased from the Netherlands.  He arrived with a Dutch canine passport and full documentation of his pedigree and health certificates. 

Mom he's teasing me!


Bouviers Repel Squirrel from Birdfeeder


Lola and Rudi Team Against Squirrel Intruder


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