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which hummer?

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yesterday's pictures were at the feeder at the water side of my elevated home, these pictures are from a feeder on the street side of my home, in a crepe myrtle tree. he/she was very excited and did not feed on the feeder but seemed to be protecting its tree space from 5 or 6 butter butts. I assume this is the same bird.



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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I goofed. I looked briefly on my phone and mistook what I now understand as the tail and the left wing as the left wing alone, leading me to think the outer primaries were considerably wider than they actually are. Looking at it now, I agree that it's very likely a Ruby-throated (and definitely an Archilochus sp.) especially with how narrow the bird's P10 is on the right wing is, evident in the first photo. The amount of rufous tones threw me as well, and may have been exacerbated by the slight reflection of the red feeder.

The third photo highlights that the bird has molted its inner primaries and perhaps some of the primary coverts, which many migratory hummingbirds do once they reach their overwintering ground. RTHUs molt their remiges and rectrices starting with P1 and R1 and then replacing feathers distally, so it would make sense that the inner primaries on this bird are new. Their narrow shape ID's this bird as NOT a Selasphorus sp., so...my bad.

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